Friday, August 19, 2011

Sweet Potato Pie and Layered Salad Recipes That Are Delicious for Diabetics

One thing those who receive a diagnosis of diabetes need to remember is that they can still enjoy tasty meals. The days of a tasteless diabetic diet or bitter desserts are long past. The recipes in this article will show you just how tasty your meals can still be. For me personally, the diagnosis was not devastating as I had experience with diabetic recipes before my diagnosis. I had grown up next door to my grandparents and watched as my grandfather's food was measured and cooked in some rather mundane ways. Years later, I took care of my diabetic mother after she suffered a major stoke. I did a lot of nutritional research and was surprised at how far diabetic diets had changed. But more importantly was the changes in artificial sweeteners. Gone was the bitter after taste from my grandpa's sweeteners to the ones of my mother. Now I am able to prepare meals that I can enjoy and that my grandchildren enjoy with me. Try these recipes and see for yourself just how tasty your meals can be!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Diabetic Travel, How To Be Prepared To Have A Good Trip

Diabetic travel takes extra preparation. It's important to plan ahead especially if you aren't used to traveling, because you'll be out of your home comfort zone. In this article there's a diabetes checklist you can use that's made for type 2 diabetics.