Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Benefits of L-Arginine For Diabetics

The main causes of mortality and morbidity in diabetics is Cardiovascular Disease. In recent years it is known that diabetes can affect the heart muscle is independently other than through the involvement of early atherosclerotic coronary arteries that cause ischemic heart disease. This is presumably due to changes such as the occurrence of interstitial fibrosis, the formation of collagen and hypertrophy of cardiac muscle cells. For decades, has been shown that nitric oxide is not only a role in the control of vasomotor tone but also play a role in the homeostasis of blood vessels and nerves as well as immunologic processes. Endogenous nitric oxide is produced through changes in the amino acid L-arginine to L-citrulline by the enzyme NO-synthase (NOS). L-arginine is the substrate for*the formation of NOS, so it is assumed that L-arginine supplementation may activate NOS and increase NO production and improve vasodilation. 

Amino acid L-arginine is one type of non-essential amino acids, amino acids that is very important for the formation of body proteins, but when the body lacks the body will synthesize the amount needed. The l-arginine benefits is proved able to induce dilation of blood vessels in the kidneys, the physiology of the results of studies that have been done previously that the amino acid l-arginine is a physiological precursor to NO (nitric oxide), which has to do with the effects of vasodilation and inhibition of platelet aggregation through increased formation of cyclic GMP. NO itself is a substance that is synthesized by vascular endothelial cells including blood vessels in the kidneys.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Facts About Your Penis That You Didn’t Know

Something about penis sometimes embarrassed to find out. So some misunderstandings about penis could occur. There are some facts about the penis that you might not know.
1. Penis Can be Broken
Believe it or not, even if the penis is not reinforced, it still can be broken. Cases of penile fracture is commonly called a penile fracture. This problem can occur when the couple having rough sex or masturbate too excited. Penile fracture occurs due to traumatic stress in the lining of the cylinder of the penis. When that happens, the sound will be a surge or cracks and then the penis turn black and blue, accompanied by pain, swelling and bruising, similar fractures that occur in bone. Sometimes, blood can get out in the urinary tract and if this happens, it’s considered severe penile fracture and may require surgery.

2. Men Erection is Hard Predictable
 Generally, men have an erection when his penis is stimulated physically or psychologically are very passionate. But, erection in men can not be tough to guess. Erections that could have happened even if he did not receive stimulation or excitement.

3. Actually Average Penis Size Small
Men are obsessed with their penis size. Some men felt their penis is smaller than men in general. Men with penile length of 10 cm, feel they will not be able to satisfy their partner. They are trying to get a penile enhancer with some products such as penis enhancement or penis enlargement. If you are one of them, try to use x4 labs. This product has been recommended.

4. The phenomenon of the Blue Balls
Has your partner complain that his testicles feel hurt? If so, then he had blue balls. The pain that occurs because of too much blood flow to penis. Usually when an erection, blood flow will be a lot of flow to the penis. If blood flow is not evenly, cause an increase in blood volume that accumulated in the penis.

Don’t Let Your Life Hanging Died Because of Cocaine

Cocaine causes an effect similar to amphetamine but much more powerful. Cocaine found in dosage forms by mouth (swallowed), as the powder is inhaled through the nose (snorted) or injected directly into a vein (mainlining). When boiled with sodium bicarbonate, cocaine is converted into the free form and called as fractional cocaine (crack cocaine), which can be smoked. Fractions cocaine works as fast as cocaine injected intravenously. Cocaine is one drug that can cause severe addiction. The use of cocaine can be done with smoke, sniff or injected directly into the blood. Cocaine causes an extraordinary alertness, euphoria (ecstasy) and the extraordinary power if injected intravenously or inhaled. Cocaine increases blood pressure and heart rate and can cause heart attacks, even in healthy young athletes.

Another effect is constipation, indigestion, excessive nervousness, a feeling that something is moving under the skin (cocaine bugs), which probably is a sign of nerve damage, seizures, hallucinations, delusions of paranoia, violent behavior. Strong effects of cocaine opium forcing users to use these drugs repeatedly. When smoked cocaine desire is not fulfilled, addicts typically will experience withdrawal symptoms (withdrawal effects or sakau). Addicts could endanger themselves or others. Effects of cocaine only lasts for 30 minutes, therefore addicts repeated to use anymore. To reduce the nervousness caused by cocaine, many addicts who also use heroin or other depressant drugs (eg alcohol). Cocaine is a drug whose effects are very short, so it may not need treatment for cocaine poisoning reaction.
Drug withdrawal symptoms due to long-term use of cocaine requires a watchful eye, because addicts can get depressed and have a desire to commit suicide. Sometimes psychic disorder that often occurs in cocaine addicts (depression and manic-depression), treated with antidepressants. Maybe addicts should be treated in a hospital or rehabilitation center. Cocaine rehab center could be the best drug rehab center to handling cocaine addicts.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Diabetes : Don’t Worry, You Still Have A Sex Life !

Sex has an important role in the couple relationship. But for people who have diabetes can lower the passion of having sex. If blood sugar is not well controlled can affect vascular function. This disease can damage blood vessels and nerves in the body. The result will lead to complications such as damage the blood vessels of the heart, blood vessels of the brain, legs, kidneys, eyes, genitals, as well as nerve damage. Even diabetes including the cause of death is highest in the world, in addition to heart disease and cancer.
Genital blood vessel damage will impede blood flow to the genital organs including the vagina and the clitoris. Sexual dysfunction appeared. This could affect the ability of a diabetic woman less passionate when having sex. Another consequence, less fluid in the vagina. When this happens, the pain arises when making love. When the sexual life of people with diabetes impaired, stress will increase. Diabetes therapy process can be inhibited. Not only that, the sexual power also decreased. Firstly, impotence caused by psychological problems, now diabetes is also played a role. Despite suffering from diabetes, a diabetics can still enjoy sex life with his partner. People with diabetes should avoid prolonged stress and get enough rest. Most importantly talk to your partner immediately to find a way out, if not able to find a third person, a counselor for example. Problem sexual satisfaction is closely related to communication between couples. People with diabetes can discuss this with their partner. Compassion must be improved, to create an atmosphere that always romantic. When the atmosphere was created, more prolonged foreplay. Healthy sex was not impossible obtained by people with diabetes. Diabetic sex drive tends to decrease. Fix a healthy lifestyle, avoiding stress, and longer foreplay help stimulate the sex / your libido. you can buy some HotGVibe Sex Toys in to help increase your libido. sold here the various of HotGVibe Dildos and HotGVibe vibrators that you can use to please your partner. Foreplay will help stimulate sexual desire and increase blood flow to all organs of the body, including the penis, vagina and clitoris. Other factors, diabetes itself should be treated. Treatment not only lowers blood sugar, but also should eliminate the risk factor for complications.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Made The Passion Still Smoldering

       Actually, there was no reason for a husband or wife to lose the passion of their partner. Of course, to keep your sex desire takes a variety of efforts. The tips below might help you.
* Keep harmonious relationship. The couple must have the spirit of sacrifice and mutual understanding. If everyday is always squabbling, how passion can  arise?
* Keep your appeal. Make up for husband and maintain appearance
* Adequate rest and eat a balanced meal.
* Immediate treatment if sick. Avoid alcohol and excessive sedation.

       For some particular man, they will swallow anything if it can make themselves more powerful and masculine. In general, men prefer to consume stronger drugs like that.  For  them, masculinity is very important.  They are always trying to increase courage. Especially when they're got a problem. Everything  would be tried. A lot of men looking for a powerful drug which serves to prolong the sex game. There is also a need with the goal of treating disorders such as weakness or premature ejaculation and impotence, both the stage of mild, moderate, to severe. Now, there are some medicine for men, one of them can be tried is sinrex. You can buy them online at This medicine is a top rated male enlargement pills 2012. To prove it you can directly buy it. If still in doubt, you can see some of the testimonials on the website. There are many responses from people about the top rated male enlargement pills 2012.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Friends: A Place To Share Joys And Sorrows

Blessed are you who have many friends and companions. Because, some recent studies found evidence that enjoy an active social life can improve overall health. Spending time with friends or companions will make life more healthy both mentally and physically. Establish good communication with friends via instant messaging or social networking media will push your cognitive function. Most people are also known to be more honest with their friends when connected via the internet rather than face to face. For most people, the internet is the way to touch beloved ones and friends. But for those who can not leave the house because of illness or disability, the internet has a more vital role and often serve as encouragement to live. A person who is disabled or seriously ill often rely on the Internet to facilitate their friendships through blogs and social networking. It is also a the way for them to overcome the disease. The internet can make them feel socially connected, therefore it is important for their psychological health. Besides being used as a tool to transcend physical limitations, social networks are also used as a tool for the existence of a person. One social networking applications that can be used to help expand the association is This site is a social networking site like Badoo, but also sites that provide applications to chat. You do not just make friends online, but you can also interact and conversation with your friends who are all over the world. Chat applications offered on this site are, omegle, chatroulette, and camzap. Omegle is a chat application that uses only text when conversing. When you first met, you should use this application. Because only typing in text when in conversation, it anticipate the evil that may arise in cyberspace. If you already feel quite familiar and want to converse with seeing faces and hearing voices, you can use an application chatroulette or camzap.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hypertension : Increase The Risk Of Stroke And Heart Attack

Hypertension is one of the most devastating killer disease in the world today. Patients with hypertension, if not handled properly, will have a great risk to die from cardiovascular complications such as stroke, heart attack, heart failure, and kidney failure. High blood pressure or Hypertension is a condition when blood pressure get increase above normal are indicated by the systolic number (top) and the bottom number (diastolic) blood pressure on examination using a sphygmomanometer or other digital devices. If someone has high blood pressure and did not get the treatment and control on a regular basis could be death. High blood pressure causes the heart of someone constantly working extra hard and finally this condition causes the damage of a heart's blood vessels, kidneys, brain and eyes. Hypertension disease is a common cause of stroke and heart attack. To prevent high blood pressure, reduce salt intake, alcohol, smoking and high fat foods. Eat foods rich in fiber. Take control of your diabetes and exercise regularly can decrease high blood pressure. Taking supplements such as l-arginine also reduce the risk of high blood pressure. In the treatment of hypertension, the key is the circulatory system. If the circulatory system of blood pressure in healthy, the body will be stable. l-arginine can regulate blood circulation because the content of l-arginine like a nitrin oxide can help dilate blood vessels.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Masturbation : A Safe Way To Satisfy Sexual Desire

There are several ways that you can do to sexual desire, for example, by masturbating and having sex with a partner. But sometimes sexual activity does not lead to satisfaction. For male, masturbation is sexual stimulation deliberate on the genital organs to obtain pleasure and sexual satisfaction. This stimulation can be performed without a tool or use something object or tool, or a combination of  there. Even so, masturbation is not all about pleasure. Masturbation is one way to practice, so you can figure out what to do in order to feel pleasure. In fact, you can tell your partner what to do by him to make you feel good. Masturbation is fundamental in the understanding of sexual health. Masturbation is the first time, the safest and best way to find out how to work the sex organs. Maybe you know how to do it in theory and explain it at length, but actually your ability to explore sexual pleasure is limitless and masturbation is the most powerful way to discover new things. Masturbation is one way to overcome insomnia. It can happen because the hormones released after orgasm, which serves to refresh the head. Orgasm that achieved after masturbation can help you to sleep soundly, without need a medication. Relaxation effects resulting from the activities of masturbation is you can solve your own all the pressure, especially when coupled with the fantasy of sex make you forget the stress of being attacked.

When masturbating, forget all jobs. Calm and relaxed make masturbation more enjoyable sensation peak. If you already started to relax, try to make yourself aroused. Begin  to imagine you're doing hot scenes in a porn film or bang you later. Playing with a sexy porn star. You can also masturbate by looking at some katie morgan videos and imagine you are playing with her. Katie morgan video will help you fantasize. When viewing katie morgan nude, of course you will feel very excited and more aroused. To reach the top of the sensation of pleasure, then use a variation of masturbation slow, then fast, then slow down again. Try to masturbate by holding the breath in deeply to prolong climax. To achieve an orgasm, do not try to think of anything else that can ruin the enjoyment. imagine when you're having sex with katie morgan and penetrate her vagina. A little wild and crazy imagination that will add a more powerful sensation when seeing the process of ejaculation.