Friday, December 16, 2011

Diabetes : Don’t Worry, You Still Have A Sex Life !

Sex has an important role in the couple relationship. But for people who have diabetes can lower the passion of having sex. If blood sugar is not well controlled can affect vascular function. This disease can damage blood vessels and nerves in the body. The result will lead to complications such as damage the blood vessels of the heart, blood vessels of the brain, legs, kidneys, eyes, genitals, as well as nerve damage. Even diabetes including the cause of death is highest in the world, in addition to heart disease and cancer.
Genital blood vessel damage will impede blood flow to the genital organs including the vagina and the clitoris. Sexual dysfunction appeared. This could affect the ability of a diabetic woman less passionate when having sex. Another consequence, less fluid in the vagina. When this happens, the pain arises when making love. When the sexual life of people with diabetes impaired, stress will increase. Diabetes therapy process can be inhibited. Not only that, the sexual power also decreased. Firstly, impotence caused by psychological problems, now diabetes is also played a role. Despite suffering from diabetes, a diabetics can still enjoy sex life with his partner. People with diabetes should avoid prolonged stress and get enough rest. Most importantly talk to your partner immediately to find a way out, if not able to find a third person, a counselor for example. Problem sexual satisfaction is closely related to communication between couples. People with diabetes can discuss this with their partner. Compassion must be improved, to create an atmosphere that always romantic. When the atmosphere was created, more prolonged foreplay. Healthy sex was not impossible obtained by people with diabetes. Diabetic sex drive tends to decrease. Fix a healthy lifestyle, avoiding stress, and longer foreplay help stimulate the sex / your libido. you can buy some HotGVibe Sex Toys in to help increase your libido. sold here the various of HotGVibe Dildos and HotGVibe vibrators that you can use to please your partner. Foreplay will help stimulate sexual desire and increase blood flow to all organs of the body, including the penis, vagina and clitoris. Other factors, diabetes itself should be treated. Treatment not only lowers blood sugar, but also should eliminate the risk factor for complications.


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