Sunday, December 11, 2011

Friends: A Place To Share Joys And Sorrows

Blessed are you who have many friends and companions. Because, some recent studies found evidence that enjoy an active social life can improve overall health. Spending time with friends or companions will make life more healthy both mentally and physically. Establish good communication with friends via instant messaging or social networking media will push your cognitive function. Most people are also known to be more honest with their friends when connected via the internet rather than face to face. For most people, the internet is the way to touch beloved ones and friends. But for those who can not leave the house because of illness or disability, the internet has a more vital role and often serve as encouragement to live. A person who is disabled or seriously ill often rely on the Internet to facilitate their friendships through blogs and social networking. It is also a the way for them to overcome the disease. The internet can make them feel socially connected, therefore it is important for their psychological health. Besides being used as a tool to transcend physical limitations, social networks are also used as a tool for the existence of a person. One social networking applications that can be used to help expand the association is This site is a social networking site like Badoo, but also sites that provide applications to chat. You do not just make friends online, but you can also interact and conversation with your friends who are all over the world. Chat applications offered on this site are, omegle, chatroulette, and camzap. Omegle is a chat application that uses only text when conversing. When you first met, you should use this application. Because only typing in text when in conversation, it anticipate the evil that may arise in cyberspace. If you already feel quite familiar and want to converse with seeing faces and hearing voices, you can use an application chatroulette or camzap.

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