Monday, December 19, 2011

Don’t Let Your Life Hanging Died Because of Cocaine

Cocaine causes an effect similar to amphetamine but much more powerful. Cocaine found in dosage forms by mouth (swallowed), as the powder is inhaled through the nose (snorted) or injected directly into a vein (mainlining). When boiled with sodium bicarbonate, cocaine is converted into the free form and called as fractional cocaine (crack cocaine), which can be smoked. Fractions cocaine works as fast as cocaine injected intravenously. Cocaine is one drug that can cause severe addiction. The use of cocaine can be done with smoke, sniff or injected directly into the blood. Cocaine causes an extraordinary alertness, euphoria (ecstasy) and the extraordinary power if injected intravenously or inhaled. Cocaine increases blood pressure and heart rate and can cause heart attacks, even in healthy young athletes.

Another effect is constipation, indigestion, excessive nervousness, a feeling that something is moving under the skin (cocaine bugs), which probably is a sign of nerve damage, seizures, hallucinations, delusions of paranoia, violent behavior. Strong effects of cocaine opium forcing users to use these drugs repeatedly. When smoked cocaine desire is not fulfilled, addicts typically will experience withdrawal symptoms (withdrawal effects or sakau). Addicts could endanger themselves or others. Effects of cocaine only lasts for 30 minutes, therefore addicts repeated to use anymore. To reduce the nervousness caused by cocaine, many addicts who also use heroin or other depressant drugs (eg alcohol). Cocaine is a drug whose effects are very short, so it may not need treatment for cocaine poisoning reaction.
Drug withdrawal symptoms due to long-term use of cocaine requires a watchful eye, because addicts can get depressed and have a desire to commit suicide. Sometimes psychic disorder that often occurs in cocaine addicts (depression and manic-depression), treated with antidepressants. Maybe addicts should be treated in a hospital or rehabilitation center. Cocaine rehab center could be the best drug rehab center to handling cocaine addicts.

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