Monday, December 19, 2011

Facts About Your Penis That You Didn’t Know

Something about penis sometimes embarrassed to find out. So some misunderstandings about penis could occur. There are some facts about the penis that you might not know.
1. Penis Can be Broken
Believe it or not, even if the penis is not reinforced, it still can be broken. Cases of penile fracture is commonly called a penile fracture. This problem can occur when the couple having rough sex or masturbate too excited. Penile fracture occurs due to traumatic stress in the lining of the cylinder of the penis. When that happens, the sound will be a surge or cracks and then the penis turn black and blue, accompanied by pain, swelling and bruising, similar fractures that occur in bone. Sometimes, blood can get out in the urinary tract and if this happens, it’s considered severe penile fracture and may require surgery.

2. Men Erection is Hard Predictable
 Generally, men have an erection when his penis is stimulated physically or psychologically are very passionate. But, erection in men can not be tough to guess. Erections that could have happened even if he did not receive stimulation or excitement.

3. Actually Average Penis Size Small
Men are obsessed with their penis size. Some men felt their penis is smaller than men in general. Men with penile length of 10 cm, feel they will not be able to satisfy their partner. They are trying to get a penile enhancer with some products such as penis enhancement or penis enlargement. If you are one of them, try to use x4 labs. This product has been recommended.

4. The phenomenon of the Blue Balls
Has your partner complain that his testicles feel hurt? If so, then he had blue balls. The pain that occurs because of too much blood flow to penis. Usually when an erection, blood flow will be a lot of flow to the penis. If blood flow is not evenly, cause an increase in blood volume that accumulated in the penis.


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